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Chronic and Acute Pain Specialties in South Florida

Patient Testimonials
Everyone from the front desk at Anesthesia Pain Care, to the gal who takes you to your room, to the gal that takes your vitals, plus the sweet lady who ends your visit by checking your urine, are so sweet to the patients an very careing. My doctor is the greatest. He listens to everything you have to say and how you feel. He treats you like you were a part of his family. He is awesome. His assistant is super and so good with what she does. She is very thorough in doing her job . I am very happy with this office an highly recommend it.

Alice Harrison

I have been dealing with pain for over 4 years do to falling down the stairs. I got to a point that I could not walk with out a cane. No sleep due to so much pain could not take it anymore. Saw Dr. V he has helped me so much. He has done a procedure that I prayed it worked. Let me tell you I am still recovering but a week later I could get up with out my cane and able to walk. It’s been 3 weeks now and I am happy. I have even got off the pain pills. Dr. V Thank you so much with all my heart. Ppl if you have bad pain issue please see him.

Jorge Munoz

My Doctor, Dr Fox Is a wonderful man
He always makes me feel welcome, when I go to his office. And if I’m in a lot of pain, we book an appointment so he can give me some shots. And I always feel better after he injects me with meds. I will always go to him, if I have pain, I will never go to a different doctor, because I feel that he’s the best doctor for me
I will recommend him because he is the best doctor for pain


My experience with anesthesia pain consultants has been very positive.First of all, I am usually taken very close to my appointment time,if not at my appointment time. All of the persons in the office have always been caring and polite. When I first started going to anesthesia pain consultant which was a number of years ago, about 6. I was having extreme back pain. Due to several treatments by the consultants I was relieved of the back pain from as long as 1 year to 6-9 months at a time of course relief was not permanent. I have found Dr O. to be a very knowledgeable, professional, compassionate,and caring person who listens to my concerns and considering my wants and my decisions has helped me decide upon a plan of care.Dr. O has helped me tremendously over the years. Thank you Dr.O.

Shirley Sibert

Great doctors and staff. Have been helping me manage my back pain for many years by using a multitude of different treatments- anything from x-ray guided injections, radio frequency and physical therapy! I have been recommending them to all of my friends and family for a long time!

Charles Dortch

Before I met Dr. Joseph Alshon, my life was so painful. Dr. Alshon, brought Mobility back to me before I would just want to lay and curl up in a fetus position now I can do chores around the house take care of my grandchildren I highly recommend him to anyone who really need help inputting their life back on track. Thank you my Angel

Lisa Rainner

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When you arrive for your first visit at an APCC facility, rest assured that you will be in great hands. Our staff takes pride in treating you with respect, compassion and friendliness so that your visit with us is as relaxing as possible.

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