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What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Nearly 65 million Americans have reported having back pain. There are many things that can cause low back pain in Boca Raton. There’s not one single thing that causes all back-related pain though. There are certain trends when looking at people with back discomfort. For instance, being in an accident can cause pain or whiplash.

Lifting an object in an unsafe manner can also cause pain. In addition, you could have a spinal condition or nerve condition. This will put pressure on your bones, muscles, and ligaments. This can cause lower back pain. In order to diagnose your pain, the best course of action is to speak with a qualified doctor.

Common Symptoms of Lower Back Injuries

It’s important to understand the symptoms so you can seek lower back pain treatment in Tamarac, FL. There are several potential symptoms that you have in an injured back. For instance, pain in your low back might radiate into the buttocks area. Additionally, you might have stiffness in the area of your low back.

This could reduce your range of motion. You might find it difficult to hold a normal posture. Multiple spasms and chronic pain are other symptoms of a back injury.

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Low Back Pain Treatment in Tamarac & Boca Raton, FL

If you’re suffering from low back discomfort, then you don’t have to wait any longer. At APCCFL.com you can find a qualified doctor to help you find lower back pain treatment in Boca Raton. Pain can range from short term to long term. It can be moderate or severe, but either way you don’t need to be debilitated anymore with the right guidance.

We take a holistic approach to treating back aches and pain. From physical therapy to stretching to medications to advanced surgery, we can help you. No matter what the source of your back pain is, there is a solution. Ultimately, seeing a back relief doctor is the best way to determine what might be the best path for you.

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FAQ’s About Low Back Pain in Tamarac, FL

Back aches and related pains can cause several issues. One of the most common problems with low back discomfort is when you sprain it doing some kind of physical activity. Another big problem with back discomfort is that it can last much longer than you think. Instead of going away in a few hours or days, it could last over a chronic period.

Several types of injuries can cause low back discomfort. One injury that can cause low back pain is spraining a muscle or ligament in your trunk. Another injury that can cause pain is some kind of accident. Brute force trauma to your back can cause significant pain. Additionally, any damage to your bones or joints can cause back aches and discomfort.

Low back discomfort can be treated in a variety of ways. However, it ranges from physical therapy, to medication, to surgery, to diet and nutrition. And that only scratches the surface. If you think you may have an injury, you shouldn’t hesitate to get help for lower back pain relief in Tamarac, FL immediately.

You should seek lower back pain relief in Boca Raton if you feel that you have any kind of limited range of mobility. Furthermore, if the pain does not subside, you should also see a medical professional. If you start feeling any numbness, tingling, or extreme pain, this is another reason to visit a doctor.

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Great doctors and staff. Have been helping me manage my back pain for many years by using a multitude of different treatments- anything from x-ray guided injections, radio frequency and physical therapy! I have been recommending them to all of my friends and family for a long time!
Before I met Dr. Joseph Alhon, my life was so painful. Dr. Alshon, brought Mobility back to me before I would just want to lay and curl up in a fetus position now I can do chores around the house take care of my grandchildren I highly recommend him to anyone who really need help inputting their life back on track. Thank you my Angel

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