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WPLG-TV Channel 10: Dr. Fox Discusses How to Combat Pain That Remains After Shingles

Dr. Fox on Channel 10 _ Post Herpatic Neuralgia Story

Ira Fox, M.D., DABM, FIPP, ABIPP was interviewed on the evening news, on South Florida’s ABC affiliate, WPLG-TV Channel 10. Health reporter Kristi Krueger explored Dr. Fox’s successful use of nerve blocks on patient Susan Iannuccillo, who suffered from debilitating pain as a result of a bout with shingles, until visits with Dr. Fox helped her tremendously.

The pain, said Susan, “robs you of your motivation and it isolates you.” Fortunately, Susan found relief though Dr. Fox’s expertise. “The nerve blocks break the pain cycle and hopefully initiate the healing process in the area damaged by the shingles,” he said.

The condition, known as post-herpetic neuralgia, is a common complication from shingles that affects the nerve fibers and skin.  For Susan, pain killers were not effective, and she suffered for years before finding Dr. Fox, who was able to alleviate her pain and provide her with the ability to enjoy her life again.

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