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What Happens If Foraminal Stenosis Is Left Untreated?

What Happens If Foraminal Stenosis Is Left Untreated?

There are many spinal conditions that humans can suffer from in today’s day and age. Spinal stenosis, such as foraminal stenosis, is increasingly common. These conditions tend to get worse over time. Sometimes the symptoms of untreated spinal stenosis can grow to be unbearable.

Other times you may not even notice any discomfort and all of a sudden you develop terrible symptoms. So if you have spinal stenosis, reaching out to a pain treatment clinic is the first step that you should take. You can treat the symptoms and reduce pressure and pain around the nerves. 

So let’s talk about why it’s so important to get treatment quickly for this condition. 

What Happens If Spinal Stenosis Is Left Untreated?

There are several things that can happen if you don’t treat spinal stenosis. Let’s cover some of the more important consequences:

Emergency Situations

Spinal stenosis untreated means that your spinal passage could squeeze nerve roots and even the spinal cord. For instance, if you have spinal stenosis in your lumbar, which is your lower spine, this can become a huge issue. 

The same goes for bladder or bowel functions, which could be affected. Nerve compression could even cause something called CES (Cauda Equina Syndrome). 

This would give you symptoms like: severe back pain, weakness, numbness, or pain in both of your legs, difficulty walking or getting up when you’re seated, reduced feelings in your thighs, glutes, and back of the legs, difficulty holding urine incontinence, and sexual dysfunction. 

If you experience any of these symptoms, there is no time to waste. You may even need emergency treatment. If you don’t treat these issues, you could eventually end up with paralysis, urinary infections, and even a loss of sensation. It’s important to reach out to a pain clinic right now.

Symptoms Extending To Other Areas

Even if you don’t have the symptoms above, spinal stenosis can affect nerves in various ways. Your spine will naturally change as you get older. As your spine narrows you could have more pain in your upper back, neck, or lower back. 

This can actually affect nearby nerves. You may notice weakness in the shoulders or numbness in the arms. This could even happen in your back. 

You might sense numbness, sensations like pins and needles tingling, and weakness in different areas of your body. You could experience burning pain and shooting sensations in your extremities. 

Poor Quality Of Life

Perhaps the most important reason that you should not wait to treat spinal stenosis is that it can drastically decay your quality of life. It can range from uncomfortable to downright debilitating. Spinal stenosis, if left untreated, starts out as a tingle can end up as paralysis. 

It’s nothing to joke around with. It can actually affect your ability to work, play with your kids, socialize, be active, and much more. 

Surgery doesn’t have to be necessary for spinal stenosis. If you get pain management and treatment in time, you can ideally engage in different therapies that allow you to treat your condition and prevent it from getting worse. 

So consult with a pain management center today. It’s possible that with a few medications, therapies, or non-invasive techniques, your pain and inflammation can go away.

Treat Your Spinal Stenosis Today

At APCC, the pain doctors on staff are here to help you live a high quality life. If you think you might have spinal stenosis, go ahead and reach out right now. 

From in depth diagnoses, to physical therapy, to medication, to procedures, the experts can help. You deserve to have full mobility and comfort no matter what age you are. Only spinal stenosis treatment in Tamarac, FL can provide that for you.