Dr. Joseph Alshon Featured Guest on WLRN Public Radio’s Topical Currents Discussing Chronic Pain Management

Dr. Joseph AlshonDuring a recent segment of WLRN’s Topical Currents, Dr. Joseph Alshon had the pleasure of being a guest on the public radio show. The segment was devoted to chronic pain management and the latest treatment techniques.

As an interventional pain management physiatrist, Dr. Alshon has been providing pain management and rehabilitative services for more than 25 years. Throughout his career, he has developed expertise in helping people reduce opioid dependency – an issue brought to the forefront in light of Prince’s death.

Dr. Alshon diligently seeks to treat the cause of pain as well as provide effective symptom management. He applies his rehabilitation, osteopathic and functional medicine training to provide a holistic approach to pain management, healing, and wellness.

Listen to Dr. Alshon’s segment here: http://wlrn.org/post/chronic-pain-management